When corporations or foundations need to get the word out, they turn to A. Shore Thing to tell their story and motivate their customers.

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A. Shore Thing  •   8130 E. Via Del Futuro, Scottsdale, AZ 85258  •  480-773-9641

We have been honored by numerous national & international organizations for our effective and creative work in the broadcast and entertainment industry.

Delivering unique staging concepts, imaginative lighting designs and flawless executions is only the beginning.  We specialize in creating the most important part of any event, ‘the content’.

If your website doesn’t include video, then it’s missing a key component to reaching your customers.  We develop unique and interesting ways to sell your products and company on your website.


The lifeblood of any foundation or charity is the ability to raise money.  When A. Shore Thing produces your ask, the story gets told with heart and the money flows in.